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  • Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA® PT waterproof membrane
    DELTA® PT waterproof membrane
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DELTA® PT is a high-performance polyethylene membrane that has been specially designed with damp control in mind. It is used to insulates and isolate damp and contaminated walls, vaults, and basements. DELTA® PT is...
  • Tobermore: Lansdowne facing brick
    Lansdowne facing brick
    Lansdowne facing brick is used for creating an appearance of warmth and elegance. It undergoes a tumbling manufacturing process, which produces a weathered look and can enhance the character of any building. Tobermore offers...
  • Meon Ltd: FloorCote W445 - rapid cure floor coating
    FloorCote W445 - rapid cure floor coating
    Meon Ltd
    Spectrum FloorCote W445 is a rapid curing multipurpose, water based 2 pack epoxy floor coating that produces a tough, hard wearing gloss finish, based on a solvent free epoxy system. It has excellent resistance to chemicals,...
  • AUTOPA Limited: ACP4 Double Height Column Protector
    ACP4 Double Height Column Protector
    AUTOPA Limited
    ACP4 column protectors ,n designed by Autopa, are suitable for external use and inside warehouses. This double height column protector has two legs and two horizontal rails of mild steel tube: ragged for casting in as...
  • Avon Barrier : Full height Pedestrian turnstiles
    Full height Pedestrian turnstiles
    Avon Barrier
    Avon full height pedestrian turnstiles are used to control the access of pedestrians, they can be integrated to operate with access control system such as card readers, providing a secure way of allowing authorised users...
  • Easi-Dec Access Systems: Solar Platform for safe solar installation
    Solar Platform for safe solar installation
    Easi-Dec Access Systems
    The Solar Platform is specifically designed to allow safe roof access for solar installation, repair and maintenance. It is suitable for smaller, typically thermal solar jobs and offers a cost-effective alternative to hiring...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF Channel Fix Glass Balustrade - Max Fit
    ASF Channel Fix Glass Balustrade - Max Fit
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    ASF Max Channel fixed glass balustrade is a heavy and extremely use balustrade suitable for domestic and commercial use, including stairways, that can achieve a loading of 3kN: glass is supplied at 1100mm high as standard,...
  • Westgate: Flexicurtain® retractable industrial screens
    Flexicurtain® retractable industrial screens
    Flexicurtain® is ideal for dividing areas of a building where regular access is required, or where only occasional segregation is required. Typical applications include preventing cross-contamination, containing dust and...
  • Jacksons Fencing: Standard full-height pedestrian turnstiles
    Standard full-height pedestrian turnstiles
    Jacksons Fencing
    Jacksons' standard pedestrian turnstiles are designed for external use. They can be used singularly or in pairs for separate entry and exit function. Standard options include: powder coated and galvanized framework;...
  • Lindum Turf: Lindum Green Roof Edge
    Lindum Green Roof Edge
    Lindum Turf
    Lindum Green Roof Edge is designed for use in green or ballasted roof applications as an edge restraint or to retain or separate the roof garden material. Manufactured from aluminium, Lindum Green Roof Edge is pre-punched...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF glass balustrade
    ASF glass balustrade
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    ASF manufactures a range of QRail and Qlite products. Using these excellent quality pre-assembly products, ASF then manufactures them bespoke to suit any scheme. Surveys and drawings can be completed. Loading calculations...
  • H+H UK: Celcon Standard Grade Blocks for floors and walls
    Celcon Standard Grade Blocks for floors and walls
    H+H UK
    Celcon Standard Grade aircrete is extremely versatile and can be used below DPC as infill for beam and block flooring systems, as well as above the ground in the walling applications listed. Celcon Standard Grade blocks are...
  • Bilco UK: Type F-50TB ladder access roof hatch
    Type F-50TB ladder access roof hatch
    Bilco UK
    Type F-50TB roof access hatch, 1220mm x 1220mm, ideal for applications requiring roof access slightly larger than the typical 915mm x 760mm opening. They are commonly used to remove or install small pieces of equipment in a...
  • AUTOPA Limited: Trolley Protection Rails
    Trolley Protection Rails
    AUTOPA Limited
    Trolley protection rails are used to protect shop fronts from damage caused by trolleys, particularly at entrances and windows. The rails are manufactured from stainless steel or galvanised mild steel. They are supplied...
  • Hoppings Softwood Products: Q-Deck® Plus Stop Chamfered, ready made balustrades
    Q-Deck® Plus Stop Chamfered, ready made balustrades
    Hoppings Softwood Products
    Q-Deck® Plus stop chamfered, ready made balustrades are made from high-quality softwoods. They are 1800mm wide as standard and are supplied complete with handrail to suit most applications. They can be cut to fit narrower...