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  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF cast iron building corner protection bollards
    ASF cast iron building corner protection bollards
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    ASF cast iron corner bollard is ideal for internal or external building protection As standard the bollard has a 90 degree cut out to wrap around a building corner Patterns can be modified to fit other angles Manufactured...
  • Marshalls: Doddington sandstone
    Doddington sandstone
    Doddington sandstone has a unique pink colouration and a mainly fine grained appearance. It comes from Northumberland, with quarry records dating back until 1897: products include ashlar walling, specialist masonry and...
  • Addagrip Terraco: Addatex Stone Carpet epoxy resin flooring
    Addatex Stone Carpet epoxy resin flooring
    Addagrip Terraco
    Addatex Stone Carpet is a mix of natural and synthetic aggregates bound in a clear epoxy resin. It provides a highly decorative and versatile floor finish for showrooms, offices, museums, receptions, or even living rooms.
  • MEDITE SMARTPLY: SMARTPLY FR/FR BUILD OSB3 flame-retardant panel
    SMARTPLY FR/FR BUILD OSB3 flame-retardant panel
    SMARTPLY FR/FR BUILD OSB3 is a flame-retardant panel manufactured in accordance to EN 300. Zeroignition Solution, a water based, eco-friendly, flame retardant is added during panel processing, ensuring fire performance...
  • Bilco UK: Type BL-Z retractable ladder (optional retractable door)
    Type BL-Z retractable ladder (optional retractable door)
    Bilco UK
    Industrial standard retractable ladder designed for easy installation and fitted with heavy duty counter balancing springs to provide safe and controlled operation. The product can also benefits from a timber lining and...
  • Dunhouse Quarry Co.: Rubble walling
    Rubble walling
    Dunhouse Quarry Co.
    Rubble walling is available in a variety of stone types and finishes to suit most requirements. Generally walling is either split faced (relatively flat) or pitched faced (more bulbous finish): 100mm bed size / width...
  • NBB Outdoor Shelters: Steeple Wall Attached Canopy
    Steeple Wall Attached Canopy
    NBB Outdoor Shelters
    The Steeple canopies provide essential coverage for main entrances and offer immediate weather protection, while improving the look of a building and highlight its entrance. These canopies keep entrances neat and tidy by...
  • H+H UK: Rå Build modern method of construction
    Rå Build modern method of construction
    H+H UK
    Rå Build is a flexible housebuilding method that provides a quick and efficient means of constructing a weather-tight masonry shell. This method integrates H+H UK Ltd thin-joint aircrete, together with proprietary...
  • RHEINZINK: Diamond / square small-format zinc tiles
    Diamond / square small-format zinc tiles
    RHEINZINK offers small-format zinc tiles in square and diamond shapes. The small size of the individual components make them suitable for facades, including buildings with complicated geometries (and for cladding gables,...
  • M & G Olympic Products: Bulldog steel security doors
    Bulldog steel security doors
    M & G Olympic Products
    The Bulldog range of steel security doors is constructed with double-skin 16g (1.4mm) mild steel, and are also stiffened internally with a noncombustible infill. Manufactured to fit standard door openings, they can also be...
  • Trueform: Blast-proof portals for buildings
    Blast-proof portals for buildings
    Trueform's range of blast-resistant building portals has been designed specifically for high-risk applications such as airports and other crowded places. Ultra high-strength materials, construction techniques, specialist...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Structural gas protection systems
    Structural gas protection systems
    Delta Membrane Systems
    Delta Membrane Systems Limited offer a comprehensive range of ground gas protection solutions along with its structural waterproofing solutions. Greater emphasis on appropriate gas protection measures have been brought about...
  • Lang+Fulton: Micro architectural grating screens
    Micro architectural grating screens
    Micro electrofused mild steel gratings offer practical and economical security and visual screening for buildings that require through-ventilation. The rigidity and durable construction of the panels require no extraneous...
  • Harrowden Turf: Enviromat sedum matting for green roofs
    Enviromat sedum matting for green roofs
    Harrowden Turf
    Enviromat sedum matting is used for extensive green roofs as well as being well suited as a low-maintenance ground cover. The overall appearance of an Enviromat sedum green roof is well manicured, neat and contemporary.
  • Silva Timber: ThermoWood® thermally-modified wood cladding
    ThermoWood® thermally-modified wood cladding
    Silva Timber
    Silva’s commitment to supplying consistent and high-quality timber products is reflected in ThermoWood® cladding. This innovative timber product is produced using a chemical-free natural process. By heat-treating only the...