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  • Marldon UK: New Era flooring cradles
    New Era flooring cradles
    Marldon UK
    Havwoods Accessories cradles provide batten support, floor levelling and a semi-sprung resilient performance, as well as noise reduction. The system comprises cradles and cradle packers, raising floors between 70 and 435mm.
  • Hydron Protective Coatings: Nu-Guard AG anti-graffiti coating
    Nu-Guard AG anti-graffiti coating
    Hydron Protective Coatings
    Nu-Guard® AG is an anti-graffiti coating system for exterior substrates. It is a urethane-based smooth coating with a decorative appearance. It is weatherproof, chemical resistant, and provides up to 12-years protection. It...
  • RHEINZINK: Special solutions cladding panel system
    Special solutions cladding panel system
    The Rheinzink Special Solutions System incorporates combinations and / or variations of its range of facade cladding products. The system is ideal for very large surfaces, which can be broken up and made more visually...
  • Frontier Pitts: LPS 1175 SR 3 & 4 Terra Diamond turnstile
    LPS 1175 SR 3 & 4 Terra Diamond turnstile
    Frontier Pitts
    Frontier Pitts is the first company to achieve LPS 1175 Issue 6 for the full-height Terra Diamond turnstile Grade 3 and Grade 4. Terra Diamond successfully resisted an intensive attack test programme in accordance with LPS...
  • AUTOPA Limited: Lamp Post Protector
    Lamp Post Protector
    AUTOPA Limited
    The AUTOPA Lamp Post Protector is ideal for busy car parks. Designed originally for a major supermarket chain, this post protector will shield lamp posts and other fragile car park furniture from vehicle damage. Manufactured...
  • Kee Safety: Kee Walk® rooftop walkway with guardrail
    Kee Walk® rooftop walkway with guardrail
    Kee Safety
    Kee Walk® with guardrail system is a safe access solution consisting of a walkway and guardrail which can be installed quickly and easily on a wide variety of roofs. Kee Walk® provides the highest level of collective fall...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA sealed structural waterproofing systems
    DELTA sealed structural waterproofing systems
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DELTA sealed systems are recommended for below ground waterproofing where soil is retained, for example, basements and vaults. Membrane selection depends on the required finish and flow rate if applicable. All membrane...
  • Kee Safety: Mezzanine pallet gates
    Mezzanine pallet gates
    Kee Safety
    Pallet gates have been designed to provide a safe access solution for factory and warehouse workers who are responsible for loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised working surfaces. The gate can fit...
  • Mankiewicz UK: NEXTEL® Suede Coating
    NEXTEL® Suede Coating
    Mankiewicz UK
    NEXTEL® Suede Coating is a two-component-material, producing a matt, suede-like finish and giving a warm textile feeling. Its technological stability and non-glare properties make it suitable for decorative and functional...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF balustrades
    ASF balustrades
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    ASF manufactures a wide range of balustrades in a range of materials: standard range items or bespoke jobs; surveys and full drawings available; UK manufacture in their own foundries and fabrication plants; loading...
  • H+H UK: Rå Build modern method of construction
    Rå Build modern method of construction
    H+H UK
    Rå Build is a flexible housebuilding method that provides a quick and efficient means of constructing a weather-tight masonry shell. This method integrates H+H UK Ltd thin-joint aircrete, together with proprietary...
  • BLUCHER UK: BLÜCHER access covers
    BLÜCHER access covers
    BLUCHER access covers come in 5 different sizes - for loading up to class B (125KN), if used with concrete C35/C45. Covers contain a welded wire netting to ensure a stable structure. The cover is locked with 4 screws and...
  • Kee Safety: KeeGuard ladder kit
    KeeGuard ladder kit
    Kee Safety
    KeeGuard ladder kit is a guardrail kit for ladder access points. It provides permanently fixed guardrails either side of an existing fixed ladder and a self-closing swing gate permitting safe roof access for the purpose of...
  • SimFlex Grilles & Closures: Concept 1212 sliding/folding security grille
    Concept 1212 sliding/folding security grille
    SimFlex Grilles & Closures
    The top and bottom of each Concept 1212 panel section is fitted with a 102mm high aluminium panel. This panel consists of an aluminium extrusion 2mm thick. It is connected into extruded hinge cleats with a 15° off set to...
  • Metsä Wood UK: Kerto-Ripa structural timber floor panels
    Kerto-Ripa structural timber floor panels
    Metsä Wood UK
    Kerto-Ripa is a long-span engineered timber panel that is suitable for structural floors. It is manufactured using rotary-peeled 3mm-graded softwood veneers that are glued together, and is prefabricated for quick...