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  • Delta Membrane Systems: Köster PUR Gel
    Köster PUR Gel
    Delta Membrane Systems
    KÖSTER PUR Gel is a solvent-free, water activated polyurethane gel. Depending on the amount of water added, a highly elastic, waterproof gel or respectively hydro-gel foam is formed. After it has reacted in dilutions up to...
  • Addagrip Terraco: Handycoat® EZ-Joint filler compound
    Handycoat® EZ-Joint filler compound
    Addagrip Terraco
    Handycoat® EZ-Joint is a specifically-formulated ready-mixed filler compound for jointing gypsum board. It has excellent application properties and provides a superior bond for embedding tape and glassfibre scrim. It has...
  • RHEINZINK: Diamond / square small-format zinc tiles
    Diamond / square small-format zinc tiles
    RHEINZINK offers small-format zinc tiles in square and diamond shapes. The small size of the individual components make them suitable for facades, including buildings with complicated geometries (and for cladding gables,...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Apex modular buildings – youth centres
    Apex modular buildings – youth centres
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Apex modular youth centres are adaptable, relocatable and highly secure. The units are steel framed and are available in external finishes including painted timber, brick or stone-effect cladding. Supplied fully assembled,...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Koster Repair Mortar Plus
    Koster Repair Mortar Plus
    Delta Membrane Systems
    Fast setting, expanding repair mortar – Koster Repair Mortar Plus is a watertight, fast setting, slightly expanding repair mortar with excellent adhesion (even to old building material substrates). With the addition of...
  • Safesite: Fragile Roof Access Roof-Walk
    Fragile Roof Access Roof-Walk
    Roof-Walk is A fully guarded rolling work platform mounted onto twin tracks which allows workers to move freely and safely up and down the roof. The system is ideal for use on fragile roofs, and provides a safe working...
  • TORMAX United Kingdom: Automatic swing entrance doors - invisible drive
    Automatic swing entrance doors - invisible drive
    TORMAX United Kingdom
    Bespoke invisible drive, automatic swing entrance doors are easy to install. They increase convenience and provide barrier-free access for the disabled. The automation system for the door is concealed in the floor or ceiling...
  • TVS Acoustics: TVS Sylodyn® Vibration Isolation
    TVS Sylodyn® Vibration Isolation
    TVS Acoustics
    Sylodyn® Vibration Isolation is used as a vibration protection solution on local and inter-city railway lines, but also for isolating impact noise in floors and on stairs, as a bearing for buildings or machines, or for...
  • AUTOPA Limited: AUTOPA trolley protection rails
    AUTOPA trolley protection rails
    AUTOPA Limited
    AUTOPA's trolley protection rail, designed with the retail market in mind, is used to protect vulnerable walls and windows from trolley damage. Sitting only 185mm above the ground, this railing can be used to protect both...
  • Elefant Gratings: Type NP mesh gratings
    Type NP mesh gratings
    Elefant Gratings
    Type NP mesh gratings have bearing bars that match the full height of the grating, and control bars that have a uniform height and are positioned at right angles. Type NP is primarily used as flooring and vertical screening...
  • SAiGE Longlife Decking: Composite balustrades
    Composite balustrades
    SAiGE Longlife Decking
    SAiGE composite balustrades (patent pending) are suitable for both commercial and residential projects. They are designed to complement new or existing composite decking, or can be used with any terrace / balcony finish.
  • MEDITE SMARTPLY: SMARTPLY FR OSB3 moisture-resistant panel
    SMARTPLY FR OSB3 moisture-resistant panel
    SMARTPLY FR FLAME RETARDANT OSB3 is a structural, moisture resistant OSB3 panel with reliable reaction to fire properties. Zeroignition® Solution, a water-based and eco-friendly fire retardant is added during panel...
  • Easi-Dec Access Systems: Valley-Walk mobile safety cage for gutter maintenance
    Valley-Walk mobile safety cage for gutter maintenance
    Easi-Dec Access Systems
    Valley-Walk is a lightweight mobile cage for use by one or two persons, or a light payload. It is specifically designed for light maintenance of valley gutters such as inspection, cleaning or re-sealing. Manufactured from...
  • Stemko Group Ltd: Natradoor + LTC internal timber doorsets
    Natradoor + LTC internal timber doorsets
    Stemko Group Ltd
    Natradoor+LTC internal timber doorsets have a laminated timber core and are made to order in a wide range of finishes. Natradoor+ timber doorsets are wider than standard Natradoor options and allow a greater choice of...
  • Elefant Gratings: Variable steel brise soleil
    Variable steel brise soleil
    Elefant Gratings
    Elefant Gratings offers Variable grating which is suitable for brise soleil applications.