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  • Lang+Fulton: Terra architectural grating screen
    Terra architectural grating screen
    Terra electrofused mild steel gratings offer practical and economical security and visual screening for buildings that require through-ventilation. The rigidity and durable construction of the panels require no extraneous...
  • Kee Systems: Kee Klamp® fittings for safety barriers and railings
    Kee Klamp® fittings for safety barriers and railings
    Kee Systems
    Kee Klamp® fittings can be used in the construction of structures such as handrails, safety barriers and guardrails. This flexible, versatile solution securely joins standard sizes of structural steel tube (from 17.5-60.3mm...
  • Elefant Gratings: Type NP steel balcony
    Type NP steel balcony
    Elefant Gratings
    Elefant Gratings offers Type NP steel balconies.
  • ISO-CHEMIE: ISO-BLOCO ONE multi-functional joint sealing tape
    ISO-BLOCO ONE multi-functional joint sealing tape
    ISO-BLOCO ONE is a special multi-functional all-in-one joint sealing tape. With a low a-value of zero, the pre-compressed tape is 100% airtight at the internal seal area, minimising heat loss by convection. It also possesses...
  • Marshalls: Belleville granite
    Belleville granite
    Belleville granite has a unique aesthetic with its subtle violet tones and grain structure: products include ashlar walling, specialist masonry and contemporary cladding; a technically assured Vietnamese material with a...
  • TVS Gym Flooring: SPORTEC® Color water-repellent sports flooring
    SPORTEC® Color water-repellent sports flooring
    TVS Gym Flooring
    SPORTEC® Color is a rugged, easy-to-clean and water-repellent floor covering material for use in fitness and gym facilities, retail outlets, exhibition halls, equipment storage rooms and ice sports stadiums. Made from...
  • TORMAX United Kingdom: Curved automatic sliding doors
    Curved automatic sliding doors
    TORMAX United Kingdom
    Bespoke curved automatic sliding door systems create an eye-catching architectural statement and can be up to 40% larger than classic linear sliding doors. They are available left opening, right opening or bi-parting and can...
  • ACO Water Management: ACO Nest Boxes
    ACO Nest Boxes
    ACO Water Management
    The ACO Nest Box for small birds forms a shelter which can be built into new or existing walls. The ACO Nest Box has been designed to provide a sheltered nesting refuge for small birds, specifically Blue Tits. The box is...
    ISO-Chemie's ISOµ-TIMBER SEALING SYSTEM makes sealing moving joints simple and reliable. Products in this quality-tested system compensate joint movements safely. At the same time they are optimised for use as a humidity and...
  • Addagrip Terraco: Handycoat® EZ Skim filler and board skimming compound
    Handycoat® EZ Skim filler and board skimming compound
    Addagrip Terraco
    Handycoat® EZ Skim is a specially designed ready-to-use filler and board skimming compound that is very easy to apply on most interior building surfaces including gypsum board and sand / cement render. Enhanced skimming and...
  • Metsä Wood UK: Spruce MouldGuard plywood panel
    Spruce MouldGuard plywood panel
    Metsä Wood UK
    Metsä Wood Spruce MouldGuard is a mould resistant plywood panel. Its surface is treated to significantly reduce the risk of mould growth compared to unprotected softwood plywood panels. The resistance to mould and blue...
  • Lang+Fulton: Barrott horizontal gratings
    Barrott horizontal gratings
    Barrott is a heel-proof, electrofused steel street grating manufactured from reversed U-profiles to provide a broad, comfortable bearing surface. The innovative design also incorporates a unique dimpled anti-slip surface for...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA® Geo-Drain Quattro drainage sheet
    DELTA® Geo-Drain Quattro drainage sheet
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DELTA® Geo-Drain Quattro is a compact four-ply drainage sheet for vertical construction applications. It is used for protection and waterproofing applications, both above and below ground. It comprises four layers: a...
  • Marshalls: Larissa granite
    Larissa granite
    Larissa is a buff granite from China with an impeccable technical performance: products include ashlar walling, specialist masonry and contemporary cladding; true buff stone from China with assured technical performance;...
  • NBB Outdoor Shelters: Sandford entrance porch
    Sandford entrance porch
    NBB Outdoor Shelters
    The Sandford entrance porch is a simple and economical solution for protecting entranceways that can be supplied for as low as £1,090.00. The structure is fixed to the wall with a one-piece fibre glass roof and aluminium...