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  • Construction Specialties: CS Floor Expansion Joint Covers - APF series
    CS Floor Expansion Joint Covers - APF series
    Construction Specialties
    The APF Series of recess mounted floor joint covers are highly resistant to rolling loads, distortion and wear. The covers are available in five frame depths to suit a variety of situations. They can be mixed and matched if...
  • Marshalls: Fletcher Bank sandstone
    Fletcher Bank sandstone
    Fletcher Bank is a buff to grey, fine grained stone hailing from a quarry near Ramsbottom, Lancashire: products include ashlar walling, specialist masonry and contemporary cladding; a millstone grit from the Carboniferous...
  • Marshalls: Malasana Facades -  bold red granite
    Malasana Facades - bold red granite
    Malasana Facades is a bold red granite used for ashlar, rainscreen cladding and bespoke masonry applications. Coarse grained granite / porphyry. Red Pink with Grey/Greenish grains
  • RHEINZINK: Shiplap cladding panels
    Shiplap cladding panels
    Rheinzink shiplap cladding panels are suited for facades with high aesthetic requirements, such as office buildings or public buildings with a modern, technical appearance. Shiplap panels can only be installed horizontally.
  • TVS Gym Flooring: SPORTEC Sports Carpet
    SPORTEC Sports Carpet
    TVS Gym Flooring
    The TVS Sports Carpet is a suitable material for use as a sled track in a gym, allowing a fully laden sled to be pushed or pulled across the training surface without damage. The surface provides a good grip underfoot and,...
  • Lang+Fulton: Stretto architectural grating for partial screening
    Stretto architectural grating for partial screening
    Stretto grating is specifically designed for architectural projects and is particularly suited to balustrading, ceiling panels and applications requiring partial screening. T he exclusive and unusual arrangement of closely...
  • AHS Ltd: Post mix concrete
    Post mix concrete
    AHS Ltd
    High quality pre-mixed formulation specifically designed for the fast setting of wooden, concrete or metal posts. Also ideal for setting fencing, bollards, rotary washing lines, statues and garden ornaments: rapid setting in...
  • Safesite: KeeGuard® Topfix metal roof edge protection
    KeeGuard® Topfix metal roof edge protection
    KeeGuard® Topfix is available in either galvanised or aluminium options. A base plate with multiple fixing centres is fixed directly on to the profile sheeting by either rivets or non-penetrative two-part clamps, and a butyl...
  • Lang+Fulton: Micro-34 steel balustrade panels
    Micro-34 steel balustrade panels
    Micro-34 balustrade grating is notable for its flat horizontal bearing bar which produces a distinctive lateral aesthetic. For all vertical applications Lang+Fulton’s electrofused gratings are made from flat bars and...
  • Easi-Dec Access Systems: Board-Walk lightweight access walkway
    Board-Walk lightweight access walkway
    Easi-Dec Access Systems
    Board-Walk is a lightweight aluminium walkway that allows access from eaves to ridge whilst spreading the load on support battens. It provides the user with a safer working position for short duration roof maintenance. The 4...
  • Howe Green: Howe Green Cover Skate for moving floor access panels
    Howe Green Cover Skate for moving floor access panels
    Howe Green
    The Howe Green Cover Skate is used to lift and move heavy floor access covers. Simple, convenient and extremely portable, the Cover Skate can be carried in a bag and enables users to lift even the heaviest of covers on their...
  • TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Switch acoustic baffles and rafts
    TVS ABSorb Switch acoustic baffles and rafts
    TVS Acoustics
    TVS ABSorb Switch are white painted fiberglass acoustic baffles and rafts. The paints are high-pressure sprayed to the surface, with a high adhesion and sealed edges. They are very effective against airborne dust absorption...
  • RHEINZINK: Click strip facade system
    Click strip facade system
    Rheinzinks innovative click strip system is a modern batten system - the oldest of the roof installation systems in use today. A clip-roll batten bracket is used to accommodate fasteners. These fastenings are covered with a...
  • Hydron Protective Coatings: Nu-Guard® Clear AF anti-graffiti coating
    Nu-Guard® Clear AF anti-graffiti coating
    Hydron Protective Coatings
    Nu-Guard Clear AF is a specially formulated single pack external coating designed to give effective protection against fly-posting and graffiti. Posters do not adhere to the surface; once dry they will fall off or can be...
  • Construction Specialties: CS Expansion Joint Covers for Walls & Ceilings
    CS Expansion Joint Covers for Walls & Ceilings
    Construction Specialties
    The CS range of expansion joint covers includes options for interior and exterior applications in walls or ceilings: models for interior and exterior applications; gasketed or all-metal variants; surface and recess mounted...