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  • Standard Patent Glazing Co: Rafterline patent glazing system
    Rafterline patent glazing system
    Standard Patent Glazing Co
    The Rafterline glazing bar system is based on the same principles as the company's Skyline range without the internal stalk of the bar, and is regularly requested for domestic use, such as conservatory roofs. The glazing...
  • Tremco illbruck: Compriband Ali-Tape PB high-performance sealant tape
    Compriband Ali-Tape PB high-performance sealant tape
    Tremco illbruck
    Compriband Ali-Tape PB is a high-performance sealing tape that consists of a plasto-elastic butyl rubber adhesive/sealant applied to one side of an aluminised polyester film. Compriband Ali-Tape PB is a tough, tear-resistant...
  • Tremco illbruck: Compriband Timber Max tape
    Compriband Timber Max tape
    Tremco illbruck
    Compriband Timber Max is an impregnated joint sealing tape for use in a wide variety of movement joints and other applications where large movement is expected. The product is particularly suitable as an external perimeter...
  • Tremco illbruck: Duralite warm edge sealant
    Duralite warm edge sealant
    Tremco illbruck
    Duralite is an insulating glass edge seal system constructed using a unique composite laminating technology. Duralite is preassembled with proven components - sealant, spacer and desiccant - to create a flexible spacer...
  • Tremco illbruck: i3 window sealant system
    i3 window sealant system
    Tremco illbruck
    i3 window sealant systems provide an effective interaction of the outer, middle and inner sealing levels, using various combinations of six Tremco system components. They provide externally weather-proof systems, which also...
  • Tremco illbruck: illbruck external EPDM film
    illbruck external EPDM film
    Tremco illbruck
    illbruck external EPDM film is used for perimeter sealing of windows, doors and curtain walling to facades according to DIN 18195 and corresponds to DIN 7864-T1 Table 1. It is available in thicknesses of 0.75 and 1.2mm.
  • Tremco illbruck: illbruch FF 220 EPDM membrane
    illbruch FF 220 EPDM membrane
    Tremco illbruck
    illbruck FF 220 EPDM membranes are used for weather sealing the exterior side of connecting joints between a window or facade construction and an adjacent structure, such as a wall, concrete panel or steel frame. EPDM-based...
  • Clarke Instruments: Type 480B full height bi-directional single turnstile
    Type 480B full height bi-directional single turnstile
    Clarke Instruments
    Type 480 full-height double or single turnstiles feature 90 or 120° bi- directional rotors with straight or hooped bars. They can be electrically unlocked in both directions, and can be configured to fail locked or free...
  • Clarke Instruments: Type 420A tripod turnstile
    Type 420A tripod turnstile
    Clarke Instruments
    The 420A bi-directional tripod turnstile provides an attractive and convenient means of controlling pedestrian access in office foyers, leisure centres and other security sensitive areas, whilst maintaining a welcoming...
  • Cavity Trays: Type E cavity tray
    Type E cavity tray
    Cavity Trays
    Type E Cavitrays are preformed DPC cavity trays that are inserted into existing cavity walls. Each Type E Cavitray is the length of two bricks. They clip together to create long runs quickly and easily. They have adjustable...
  • Cavity Trays: Type G cavity tray
    Type G cavity tray
    Cavity Trays
    Type G Cavitrays are reliable DPC systems suitable for general-purpose building applications, including changes of level, diaphragm walls, porch and garage roof intersections, and junctions with bay windows. They are...
  • Cavity Trays: Type K circular cavity tray
    Type K circular cavity tray
    Cavity Trays
    Type K cavity trays provide a damp proof course for circular windows. They are manufactured from solid DPC and aare supplied in a single piece ready to receive a circular window. They fit snugly around the window frame,...
  • Cavity Trays: Type P cavity tray
    Type P cavity tray
    Cavity Trays
    Type P Cavitrays are used to weatherproof parapet walls. They comprise a rigid horizontal DPC, manufactured in long lengths. Preformed angles allow installation of the parapet damp course to be carefully planned and...
  • Cavity Trays: Caviweeps / Cavivents
    Caviweeps / Cavivents
    Cavity Trays
    Type W Cavitray weep-vents are used with DPCs, lintels and cavity trays to discharge collected water from the building fabric. They are also used to ventilate wall cavities and building envelopes to prevent interstitial...
  • Cavity Trays: Type X cavity trays
    Type X cavity trays
    Cavity Trays
    Type X Cavitrays are preformed DPC units with a lead flashing, that form a stepped-cavity DPC and flashing at the abutment of a pitched roof with a cavity wall. They are especially suitable for new-build applications. They...