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  • Marley Eternit: JB Shingles for new-build Passivhaus archive centre
    Marley Eternit: Shingles for historic Greek Theatre, Berkshire
    Marley Eternit: Roofing battens and cedar shingles, James Hayward Estate
    Marley Eternit: Roofing battens for new development at Eton College
    Marley Eternit: Maintenance-free cedar shingles for Woburn Center Parcs
    Marley Eternit: JB Shakes make sustainable roof for Archerfield Links

    Marley Eternit

    Marley Eternit is the UK's leading manufacturer of graded timber roofing battens, shingles & shakes, scaffold boards and commercial anti-slip decking, delivering market leading, environmentally sustainable, best value and quality timber products. With over 100 years technical expertise in the timber industry, Marley Eternit works closely with the...
    Lichfield Road, Branston, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 3HD
    Phone: 01283 722588  Visit website
  • RHEINZINK: Zinc roof for house in Farnham
    RHEINZINK: Zinc used for University of Cambridge sports centre roof
    RHEINZINK: Zinc tiles and seamed cladding for railway station
    RHEINZINK: Zinc seamed cladding covers circular planetarium roof
    RHEINZINK: RHEINZINK cladding - residential building, Australia
    RHEINZINK: School canteen clad in RHEINZINK Angled Standing Seam


    Rheinzink was founded by the Grillo Stolberger Zinc companies together with Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke in 1966. Today it belongs to the Grillo group of companies and has a workforce of over 800 people. Rheinzink has an international presence, boasting subsidiaries and sales branches in 30 different countries on five continents. For over 40...
    Rheinzink UK, Building 3, Riverside Way, Camberley, GU15 3YL
    Phone: 01276 686725  Fax: 01276 64480  Visit website
  • Silva Timber: No. 1 (Blue Label) Western Red Cedar Shingles
    Silva Timber: Certigrade No.1 Western Cypress (Yellow Cedar) Shingles
    Silva Timber: Certigrade No.1 Western Cypress (Yellow Cedar) Shakes
    Silva Timber: Pre-formed Yellow Cedar hip and ridge caps
    Silva Timber: Western Red Cedar shingles - Durham University
    Silva Timber: Certi-split™ premium grade hand-split cedar shakes

    Silva Timber

    Founded in 2000, Silva Timber has rapidly grown to become one of the UK’s leading importers of speciality timber products, sourced from the world’s most reputable sawmills. We offer the most comprehensive range of Western Red cedar products in the UK including cladding, trim, decking, shingles, shakes, fencing, screens and trellis. Silva’s range...
    Unit 4, Albright Road, Widnes, WA8 8FY
    Phone: 0151 495 3111  Visit website
  • ABG Geosynthetics: Roofdrain - geocomposite drainage for green roof systems
    ABG Geosynthetics: Roofdrain intensive green roof - UAE
    ABG Geosynthetics: Deckdrain helps green roof drainage on apartment block
    ABG Geosynthetics: Rootline root barriers for green roofs
    ABG Geosynthetics: Biodiverse green roof - Bradford University
    ABG Geosynthetics: Extensive green roof - Pancake House, Center Parcs

    ABG Geosynthetics

    ABG Ltd is a market leader in the design, development, manufacture and technical support of high performance geosynthetic systems for use in civil engineering, environmental and building projects. Formed in 1988, based in the UK in Meltham, near Manchester, ABG has attained an excellent reputation for developing quality products and delivering...
    E7 Meltham Mills Road, Maltham, Holmfirth, HD9 4DS
    Phone: 01484 852096  Fax: 01484 851562  Visit website
  • BLUCHER UK: 40mm siphonic roof drain for single ply membranes
    BLUCHER UK: 50mm gravity roof drain outlet for bitumen membranes
    BLUCHER UK: 110mm gravity roof drain outlet for single ply membranes
    BLUCHER UK: 50mm siphonic roof drain outlet for bitumen membranes
    BLUCHER UK: 50mm siphonic roof drain outlet for single-ply membranes
    BLUCHER UK: 75mm siphonic roof drain outlet for bitumen membranes


    BLÜCHER® was founded in 1965 and has since grown into one of Europe's leading stainless steel drainage products and systems specialists. The company offers a wide variety of standard drains, drainage channels and drainage pipes suitable for domestic, industrial and marine applications....
    Station Road , Tadcaster, LS24 9SG
    Phone: 01937 838000  Fax: 01937 832454  Visit website
  • Lindum Turf: Wildflower green roof for nursery school
    Lindum Turf: School roof transformed with wildflower matting
    Lindum Turf: Wildflower green roof for oak garden house
    Lindum Turf: Lindum Wildflower Mat for green roofs
    Lindum Turf: Sedum Mat - instant vegetation green roof mats
    Lindum Turf: Low maintenance green roof grass mats

    Lindum Turf

    Lindum has been growing turf for more than 25 years on stone-free sandy loam soils. The company produces several grades of turf to suit a wide range of uses including: landscaping; sports; architecture and design; erosion control. All turf grades can be supplied in standard or large rolls, as washed or thick rootzone turf. Lindum has also...
    West Grange, Thorganby, York, YO19 6DJ
    Phone: 01904 448675  Fax: 01904 448713  Visit website
  • Harrowden Turf: Enviromat sedum matting
    Harrowden Turf: Living green roof for historic windmill home
    Harrowden Turf: Meadowmat wild flower blanket for roofmeadows
    Harrowden Turf: Enviromat sedum roof for shepherd hut
    Harrowden Turf: Green roof creates interest for nursery children
    Harrowden Turf: Enviromat sedum green roof kit for pitched roofs

    Harrowden Turf

    Q Lawns is a division of Shrubhill Farms Limited, established in 1942. Q Lawns grows turf and has 1,000 acres under cultivation. In addition to two turf grades, the company also supplies woodchip, soils, fertilizer and seeds. Q Lawns is a member of the Turf Growers Association and operate an integrated crop management system known as LEAF (Linking...
    Colpmans Farm, Islip, Kettering, NN14 3LT
    Phone: 01832 777100  Visit website
  • gt Specifier: Green-tree intensive roof garden substrate
    gt Specifier: Green-tree extensive lightweight roof garden substrate
    gt Specifier: gtSedum green roof cassettes
    gt Specifier: Roof garden materials for Four Pancras Square
    gt Specifier: Green-tree roof garden substrate

    gt Specifier

    gtSpecifier has a wealth of experience in developing landscape solutions for urban developments and projects. The company works with landscape architects, landscape contractors, garden designers and nurseries across the UK to create systems and solutions that guarantee the success of urban landscapes. gtSpecifier's range of urban landscape...
    Rabbit Hill Business Park, Great North Road, Arkendale, Knaresborough, HG5 0FF
    Phone: 01423 332114  Fax: 01423 332101  Visit website
  • Don & Low: Roofshield® vapour and air permeable roofing underlay
    Don & Low: RoofTX® vapour permeable roofing underlays
    Don & Low: MultiTX® Plus roofing underlay for pitched roofs
    Don & Low: RoofTX® CONSEAL tape underlay

    Don & Low

    Roofing underlays

    Newfordpark House, Glamis Road, Forfar, DD8 1FR
    Phone: 01307 452200  Fax: 01307 452300  Visit website
  • Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP water-retaining green roof membrane
    Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA®-FLORAXX water-retaining drainage sheet
    Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA® Terrax green roof drainage membrane

    Delta Membrane Systems

    Delta provides a range of products for drainage, structural waterproofing and underground wall and floor protection. Cost effective, simple to install, DELTA® membranes keep hydrostatic pressure away from walls, ceilings and floors keeping living spaces dry and insulated. Systems can be used on domestic and / or commercial properties from small...
    DELTA House, Merlin Way, North Weald, Epping, CM16 6HR
    Phone: 01992 523523  Fax: 01992 523250  Visit website
  • Grass Concrete: Grassroof GFR/1 standard unit
    Grass Concrete: Grassroof GFR/2 green roof system

    Grass Concrete

    Grass Concrete is a UK based company founded upon the principles of establishing environmental awareness in construction. Since its establishment in 1970 many of its aspirations that were then alternative have now become a part of mainstream policy, adopted by governments and planners around the world. Core values are as follows: to create...
    Duncan House, 142 Thornes Lane, Thornes, Wakefield, WF2 7RE
    Phone: 01924 379443  Fax: 01924 290289  Visit website
  • Kinley : RoofEdge aluminium edging


    Green roofs

    Northpoint, Compass Park, Staplecross, TN32 5BS
    Phone: 01580 830688  Visit website
  • Metal Gutta: Copper guttering and rain chain, Hotel TerraVina veranda
    Metal Gutta: Ogee guttering with round downpipes - supermarket canopy
    Metal Gutta: Bespoke copper rainwater solution, residential extension
    Metal Gutta: Copper gutter, fascias and soffits for private property
    Metal Gutta: Copper gutter / downpipe hopper heads
    Metal Gutta: Copper roof ridge flashings

    Metal Gutta

    Metal Gutta is the UK's only manufacturer of copper gutting and associated products. The company manufactures a range of copper rainwater systems that can be installed easily by competent DIY enthusiasts and contractors without the need for specialist tools. Copper is an eco-friendly material that works as a natural biocide, purifying rainwater...
    Time House, 19 Hillsons Road, Botley, Southampton, SO30 2DY
    Phone: 01489 797774  Fax: 01489 796700  Visit website
  • Cembrit: Jutland fibre cement roof slates
    Cembrit: Westerland fibre cement slate
    Cembrit: Glendyne blue-grey natural roof slates
    Cembrit: Cembrit B5 corrugated fibre-cement roof cladding sheets
    Cembrit: Cemsix fibre-reinforced cement corrugated roof cladding
    Cembrit: Bitumen lightweight roof shingles


    Cembrit is a member of the Cembrit Holding A/S Group of Denmark, one of Europe's major building material producers with over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of fibre-reinforced cement products for the roofing and cladding industry: man-made slates; natural slates from Canada; external cladding and weatherboards; building boards for...
    Studio 39, Thames Innovation Centre, 2 Veridion Way, Erith, Kent, DA18 4AL
    Phone: 020 8320 1184  Visit website
  • Euroclad: Euroclad soffit for new Royal Mint entranceway
    Euroclad: Vieo roof and wall cladding for luxury waterfront houses
    Euroclad: Raintite composite gutter
    Euroclad: Roof and wall cladding for new Waid Academy, Fife
    Euroclad: Thermally efficient roof & wall refurbishment for office
    Euroclad: Metal roof profiles


    Euroclad is an independent supplier of metal roof and wall products which provide exceptional acoustic and thermal performance for the life of a building. Products are sustainably credible with proven routes for recycling and disposal. At Euroclad we listen to your needs and offer high performance, cost effective solutions. Founded in 1981...
    Wentloog Corporate Park, Wentloog Road, Cardiff, CF3 2ER
    Phone: 029 2201 0101  Fax: 029 2201 0122  Visit website